Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Junction Box-QYB

Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Junction Box Connector: PA66 / PC Contact material: CuSn Contact surface material: Sn / Pickling Max. Voltage: According to circuitry Maximum current: 16A Operating current: 10A Working temperature: -25℃~+90℃ Gland size: M20*1.5 Field wireable
G02 G03
  Available Circuitries
Drawing LED   Voltage  Ordering-No.
   Bipolar LED   colour: red 10/50V  
   Neon gun   colour: white 70/250V  
  Bipolar LED   with varistor and  capacitor protection against over voltage  24V  
  Neon gun with varistor  protection against over voltage  220V  
  Bridge rectifier +Neon  gun +VDR  220V AC